Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me?

Why does your dog hump? There are many reasons for it and most are not sexual. Understanding why your dog humps can help you fix the problem if you don’t like it. 


Why Does My Dog Hump Me? 

There are many reasons your dog could hump you. He could be displaying dominance over you, he could have an emotional connection with you, or he could be seeking attention. 

What is humping?


Humping is when a dog mounts another dog, human, or object. Humping can sometimes be accompanied by masturbation. There are several different reasons a dog may hump and many of them are something other than sexual attraction.


Why Do Dogs Hump?


Dogs have a variety of reasons for humping and most are non-sexual. A dog could be motivated to hump for any of the following reasons: 


  1. They get excited and sexually aroused.

  2. They may want to play. Some dogs, especially puppies, will exhibit this behavior in their play when they get excited.
  3. Social ordering. A dog, particularly a male dog, will assert its dominance over another dog (or human) by humping them.
  4. Your dog could have itchy genitals. If the behavior continues, there appears to be no other reason for it, and your dog looks uncomfortable, you may need to pay a visit to the vet.

  5. Just as some dogs respond to the excitement by humping, others respond to stress in the same way.

  6. Learned habits. If your dog has not been disciplined, he may have developed a habit of mounting from the time he was a puppy.
  7. Compulsive behavior. Sometimes a dog may develop a habit of mounting in response to stress. This can become a behavior disorder and potentially have negative effects on his well-being.
  8. Lack of exercise. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he may resort to humping.
  9. If your dog is bored, he may hump as a way to find excitement.
  10. Medical-related issues. If a dog is humping and licking its private parts, it could be a sign of irritation, infection, or prostate problems.


Why Does My Dog Hump Only Me and No One Else?


If your dog humps only you, it’s likely because he has an emotional or special bond with you. Your dog could be humping you as a sign of excitement and affection, or he could be trying to assert his dominance over you. 


If you have not disciplined your dog and let him know this behavior is not okay, then he may be humping you because he knows he can get away with it.


What Does It Mean When Your Dog Humps You?


When your dog humps you, it could be for several reasons. Those reasons might include a desire to play, getting excited or stressed, asserting dominance over you, or trying to get attention. 


If you have not trained your dog that this behavior is unacceptable, he will be more likely to hump you.


Why does my female dog hump me?


Female dogs will hump for many of the same reasons male dogs do – stress, attention, excitement, or out of habit. If your female dog has not been spayed, she may also hump you when she is in heat.


Should I Be Concerned If My Dog Humps Me?


It depends on the motivation behind the humping and whether you’re okay with the behavior or not. Some reasons (like playing and affection) are innocent ones but others may indicate an underlying behavior or medical problem.


 Ask why your dog is humping you and if you’re okay with that. If you’re concerned about his physical health, take him to get examined by a veterinarian. If you’re concerned about his behavior, you may want to have a certified trainer help you.


How To Stop My Dog From Humping Me?


There are a few steps to take to stop your dog from humping you. In summary, they involve discovering the cause of the behavior and implementing training or medical treatments if necessary. Some steps you can take are outlined below:


  • Identify the reason for the humping. Why is your dog humping? If it’s out of stress, medical reasons, or a need for more play and exercise, you may simply need to make a few adjustments to the home atmosphere or your dog’s schedule.


For medical reasons, it may be as simple as taking your dog to the vet.


  • Catch your dog in the act and call out his behavior. If it is a behavior that your dog has learned over time, or has not been disciplined for, you will need to teach him it’s not okay. When he humps, call him out and get his attention on you.


  • Redirect his attention. When you’ve grabbed his attention, redirect it towards something else. Be careful not to redirect his behavior to a reward, but to something that will hold his attention. It could be a play toy or an invitation to play. Reward him for playing with a toy instead.


  • Eliminate stressors. Find out if something is stressing your dog that’s causing him to hump. Once you’ve discovered what that stressor is, do your best to eliminate it.


  • Place in friendly timeouts. When you notice your dog mounting, put him in timeout.


  • Minimize mounting opportunities. Doing your best to avoid mounting opportunities by keeping your dog away from other dogs and strangers will help.


  • Offer a reward for positive behavior. When your dog shows obedience and stops mounting at your command, reward that behavior with a treat. Every time he has the opportunity to mount and chooses not to, that should be rewarded.


  • Get professional help. Sometimes you may need more help than what you can do on your own. There are professional dog trainers who can help you come up with the best solutions to train a difficult dog to stop humping.


When Is Humping a Problem?

Humping can become a problem when it gets your dog into trouble. Some dogs may not like to be humped and when your dog humps them, they may try to attack. If you and other people don’t appreciate being humped by your dog that may also be a cause for concern. 


If the humping is the result of a medical condition, stress, or a behavior issue, it is a problem professional help should be sought.


Why Does My Dog Hump Everything?


Some dogs will hump whatever they can find either out of excitement or play; or out of a medical or behavioral condition. If your dog constantly humps objects around him, you may need to figure out why he’s doing it and find the best way to help him stop.


Why Do Dogs Hump Certain People?


Dogs will likely hump certain people either because they have an emotional tie with that person or they know that they can get away with humping that person. It could also be because of a certain smell on those people. 


What Does it Mean When Your Dog Humps a Stuffed Animal?


There are many reasons a dog will hump a stuffed animal. It could be anything from excitement, coping with stress, habit, and itchiness to lack of exercise or boredom. 


It’s best to observe your dog more closely to find out why he’s humping. Does he do it frequently or just on occasion? Finding out why he’s doing it will help you to determine if it’s harmless or if there is a medical or behavioral condition that underlies it.


Why Does My Dog Hump a Specific Toy?


In the same way that dogs hump specific humans, some dogs may have a special attachment to a particular toy. A certain scent on the toy may also cause your dog to want to hump it. 


Should I Let My Dog Hump Stuffed Animals?


It depends on why your dog is humping stuffed animals and whether you’re okay with it. If your dog only does it on occasion, you don’t necessarily need to stop him, though it may be wise to prevent the behavior so it doesn’t become a larger problem in the future.


If it is because of stress, a medical condition, or you don’t want it to form into an acceptable habit, it’s best to keep your dog from humping stuffed animals.


Can Castrated Dogs Hump?


Yes, castrated dogs can still hump, especially if they’ve begun humping as puppies before they were castrated. The behavior usually still exists inside of dogs when they’ve developed it as puppies. 


Do Female Dogs Hump Cushions?


Female dogs may hump cushions and there are several reasons for it. These reasons can include excitement, stress, behavior disorders or learned behavior, not enough stimulation, or being in heat. If a cushion is present and the dog has the desire to hump, the cushion may become her target.


Why Do Male Dogs Hump Each Other?


Male dogs hump each other to assert their dominance, or sometimes in play. A male dog may also hump another male because that’s how he has learned to respond to stress or social anxiety. 


If your dog learns this behavior early on as a puppy and is not trained to stop, it may become a natural habit for him. It is wise to train your puppy not to hump other dogs because the behavior could cause another dog to be uncomfortable and attack your dog.


When Do Puppies Start Humping?


Puppies start humping at 6 to 8 months old when they reach sexual maturity, but may on occasion, display the behavior much sooner. Humping can be observed between puppies in a litter as a way to show dominance or in play. 


Why do 2 Month Old Puppies Hump?


2 month old puppies will hump occasionally because it’s in their nature to do so. Young puppies will do this as they explore what life has to offer them and often not for sexual reasons. 


A 2 month old puppy may hump as part of play, as a way to show dominance over the other pups in the litter, because he’s stressed, or because of a medical condition.


Why Does a 4 Month Old Puppy hump?


A four month old puppy will likely hump for the same reason a two month old puppy will. 


Puppies are not yet sexually mature or active at this age, but they will still hump for other reasons such as excitement, anxiety, asserting dominance, or they may have a medical issue that causes them to do it excessively. 


Why do Puppies Hump Their Mom?


Puppies will hump their mom as part of their play. It is natural for a puppy to hump other dogs (or animals) they consider to be part of their pack every now and then. Puppies will do this as a way to play and explore. 


Why Does My Dog Hump Me When I Hug?


Your dog likely wants to grab your attention and that’s why he humps. Humping is an action that is sometimes triggered by excitement, anxiety, or dominance. 


If your dog associates you hugging someone with love or an exciting experience, he may want to partake in that experience. Humping can be a neutral reaction if he has not been trained that it’s unacceptable. 


If your dog associates you hugging someone with something that causes him anxiety, he may react by humping as a stress response.


Why Does My Dog Hump Me When I Kiss My Boyfriend?


Your dog is likely humping for the same reasons he would hump someone who’s hugging. If your kissing causes your dog anxiety or excitement, and he has not been properly trained, he may try to hump you when you kiss. 




A dog may hump for a number of reasons and most of them are not sexual. Humping, however, is not always a desirable behavior so it’s important to know why your dog is doing it and how it can be stopped.



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