Wireless Dog Fence – Your Complete Guide to Wireless Dog Fences

Keeping your dog safely in your yard does not have to be expensive. If you are worried about spending thousands of dollars for a chain-link or wooden fence, an electric or “invisible” or a Wireless Dog Fence is clearly the way to go, costing mere fraction of a traditional fence. Even better, the range of options for electric fences is growing, including a wide selection of wireless fences. These are often even cheaper than a system with wires attached to the main transmitter, and much, much easier to install.

We have gathered many of the most affordable wireless “pet containment systems” on the market and ranked them by what well may be the most important factor to you – the cost. We’ve also given a breakdown of the important factors to consider when picking the best unit for you and your pets.

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  1. Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wifi Dog Fence – $339.95

Easy Setup: A wireless fence is one that does not have any in-ground wires, and the Perimeter Technologies fence is a truly wireless system. Although some wired, in-ground systems are marketed as “wireless” or “hybrid,” these will still require you to install a boundary wire a few inches below the surface of your yard. A truly wireless system like this one, on the other hand, is extremely simple to install – just plug in the transmitter, turn it on, set the circle boundary to the size of your yard, put the collar on your dog, and spend a few days training. It doesn’t get simpler than this.  However, some reviewers do report that the transmitter module screen on this system is a little bit tricky to work with and can take some extra time to set up correctly.

Portability: This system is small and compact, and could be easily unplugged and reinstalled when you go to visit family or move into a new home. However, this unit, unlike many wireless units, requires wifi, so you won’t be able to take it to a remote location such as a cabin or RV (unless your cabin has wifi).

Range: The max radius of this system is 150 feet in every direction (up to 300 feet across), which covers well over an acre of yard. Remember, each of these systems is a perfect circle, and the shape can’t be changed at all. With the Perimeter Technologies system, as with many wireless systems, you can install a second unit to create two overlapping circles for a larger area for your dog to run in.

Dog Size: The system advertises itself for dogs up to 100 pounds, but doesn’t give a minimum. Most systems are not safe for a dog under 8 pounds.

Limitations: As with all wireless systems, this one is limited because the signal can’t penetrate through certain objects – densely wooded yards are a no-go, for instance. This is also thrown off by metal objects like refrigerators or sheds. If your dog goes behind one of these objects into a no-signal zone, the collar will think that your dog is outside the 150 foot radius, and will administer the correction. Additionally, the system also needs an extremely flat yard, because an uphill slope will shorten the distance the signal can travel, while a downhill slope would lengthen it. This would make training confusing for you and your dog.

Finally, as with every wireless pet containment system, there is also the likelihood of the signal wavering by up to a foot per 100 feet. Keep this in mind when training your dog and help them listen to the beep or vibration in their collar so they aren’t surprised when the correction is administered.

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  1. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence – $299.95

Easy: As with most other units on this list, this system takes no more than 2 hours to set up. Plug in, program, set up flags and collars, and start training. You’ll probably need about two weeks of training before your dog can be out unsupervised.

Portability: With such a short setup time, this one can go with you on that camping trip or even to the local park!

Range: The circular play area created by this unit can be set to any distance between 22 and 105 feet in all directions (up to 210 feet across).

Dog Size: Dogs or cats that weigh at least 5 pounds are suitable for this system. The neck size must be between 6 and 28 inches.

Flexible: Not as flexible as an in-ground system, but feel free to combine with identical units for a larger play area. This system does allow an unlimited number of pets with the purchase of additional collars.

The five levels of “static correction” (a very light, safe shock) help accommodate a range of pet sizes and personalities.

Limitations: As with all the systems on this list, it doesn’t work well on hilly, wooded lots, or yards with metal objects in them, and the shape can’t be changed.

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  1. Motorola TRAVELFENCE50 Wireless Fence with Remote Trainer – $289.99

Easy: This unit is so easy to use, it doesn’t even need to be plugged in during operation! Just charge the battery, choose your settings, and you are ready to get to work.

Portability: This is an extremely portable unit, as it can be installed outdoors as a stable perimeter, but also can be used as a training remote on the go. This system may be a win for portability. See “flexibility” for more on this unique feature.

Range: This transmitter can create a circular area of up to 1 acre.

Dog Size:  This unit can accommodate all dog sizes, because the 15 levels of static will keep a very small or very timid dog from being afraid, and is able to challenge a big or stubborn dog.

Flexible: This system from Motorola wins on Flexibility!

Unlike the transmitters in other wireless systems, which need to be installed indoors (in a damp-free, climate-controlled area), this one can be used indoors or outdoors. If your house is not near the center of where you want your dog to run, then this kind of unit, which is safe outdoors, might be the best choice. This way the center of your circle (the transmitter) could be located, for example, halfway between the house and the back edge of the property to allow the dog the most area to run in.

Even more important, this system doubles as a handheld training remote. If you want the option of complete mobility while on a hike or during training sessions, this is a much better choice than buying a the two systems separately! This mode means that instead of casting a circle to create an even perimeter, you could administer the correction yourself if a dog chooses not to obey your command. Or you could use the vibration mode to signal “good dog,” reinforcing the vibration with a treat until they think of the vibration itself as a reward.

This unit also has 15 levels of static correction, as well as tone-only and vibration-only settings. Another completely unique feature is that the collar-receiver functions like a one-way walkie talkie – you can talk into the transmitter in your hand, and your dog will hear it through the collar. You can give him praise or tell him a command you want him to do.

Safe: The 15 levels of correction take into account the smallest, most compliant or timid dogs so they are not overwhelmed by the static correction.

Limitations: This system overcomes some of the limitations of a wireless system, because if you are operating on hilly or wooded land, you can switch to a remote control in order to avoid your dog being shocked when the signal gets interrupted by the slope or tree trunks. This will give you more control over when your dog gets corrected.

However, this system does not come with its own flags, which seems like an important oversight. You might want to purchase those if you plan to use it.

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  1. PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence – $279.95

Easy: This is as easy as it gets! Find the center of your circle (somewhere indoors with climate control), place the transmitter there, and plug it into a standard outlet. Setup is very intuitive, and as with all PetSafe units, the quickest training method is described in the instruction manual that comes with this system.

Portability: This is an extremely portable unit. Don’t forget to finish training your dog at home before you try to take the system somewhere new, such as on an RV trip.

Range: This system can be adjusted from 5-90 feet in all directions (180 feet from one end to the other), providing approximately ½ acre of coverage. This is best for a small yard with little to no slope and only a few trees.

Dog Size: Pets (not just dogs!) must be at least 5 pounds, and have necks size of 6-28 inches.

Flexible: This is not a very flexible system, but with the PetSafe name you know it will be reliable. You can add pets to it by purchasing compatible collars. You can also, as always, expand the range by purchasing additional units and overlapping their coverage areas.

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system – do not choose this system if you have a wooded or sloped yard, or if you have metal structures inside or outside your home that might get in the way of the signal.

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  1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System – $259.95

Easy: It doesn’t get easier than this! With no wires to bury, just plug in the transmitter, press the button, and within 1-2 hours, you’ll be able to start training your dog to stay within the boundary flags. The manufacturer promises that your dog will only need two weeks of training if you follow their program.

Portability: This quick set-up time and the fact that no wifi is needed means that this PetSafe system can go with you even to an RV or vacation home.

Range: The maximum diameter of this unit is 180 feet across, which is roughly ½ of an acre.

Dog Size: This system is suitable for dogs that weigh 8 pounds or more, with a neck size of 6-28 inches.

Flexible: This Petsafe model (one of several in this list) is able to be customized, as there are 5 levels of static correction to choose from. Additionally, if you don’t want to start training with the correction, you can choose the “tone-only” mode.

As many pets as you like may be added to this system with the purchase of an extra collar.

Safety: The receiver (the collar) will stop the static correction 30 seconds after your dog leaves the boundary you set up. This is a safety feature to keep the collar from shocking the dog for too long if the signal is lost because of a power outage or some other reason.

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system – do not choose this system if you have a wooded or sloped yard, or if you have metal structures inside or outside your home.

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  1. Guardian by PetSafe – $229.98 at Walmart

Easy: With no wires to bury, just plug in the transmitter in an indoor location, set your range, set up a perimeter of flags, and start training your dog to play safely inside it.

Portability: This system from PetSafe is very portable! Take anywhere that has little to no slope, few trees or metal objects, and an electrical source. Don’t forget to work with your dog for an hour or two each time you relocate to remind them to stay inside the perimeter flags.

Range: This system’s boundary has a circular shape up to 180 feet across.

Dog Size: This system does not specify dog size.

Flexible: The collar for PetSafe’s Guardian model has three settings so you can specify how strong or weak the static correction should be. It also offers a tone-only setting for use while you are still training your dog.

This collar also has options for short or long metal prongs, for either short-haired or long-haired pets.

This model also allows unlimited pets with additional collars.

Safe: The 3 levels of correction offer a customizability that makes every kind of dog (even small, timid, or easy to train dogs) feel comfortable and safe.

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system – do not choose this system if you have a wooded or sloped yard, or if you have metal structures inside or outside your home.

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  1. PetSafe Wireless Fence PIF-300 – $265.49

Easy: Once again, PetSafe has made a winner on the ease-of-use front. Just plug into a regular outlet…and you know the rest.

Portability: Yes! Just make sure you have reliable electricity wherever you take it, and plan on working with your dog to help them recognize the new boundary.

Range: Covers up to 90 feet in every direction (180 feet across). This is about ½ acre of coverage! This is best for a small yard with little to no slope and only a few trees.

Dog Size: This model does not specify a dog size.

Flexible: This unit specializes more in reliability than customizability. It does allow for a few different correction levels and an optional tone-only setting.

Safe: This PetSafe model has the highest Amazon ratings of any other model in this list, which speaks highly of this model’s dependability. Other models tend to be unreliable or have manufacturing issues now and then, whereas this model not only seems to consistently perform well, but even has extra rechargeable batteries for the collar in case one stops holding a charge.

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system – do not choose this system if you have a wooded or sloped yard, or if you have metal structures inside or outside your home.

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  1. Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 Wireless Fence – $192.99

Easy: Easy, and with options! Either plug this in, or charge it up, and you are good to go. Comes with flags for perimeter. Don’t forget to train your dog for 1-2 weeks.

Portability: Like the WIRELESSFENCE50, this is another winner in the portability department; once you’ve trained your dog to stay inside the perimeter at home, charge up the transmitter and then feel free to take it anywhere you can think of – even without electricity. Camping? No problem. Just make sure you are wathcing hthe charge kevek so your dog isnt shoocked once th system  dies. You’ll also need a way to charge up the battery in the transmitter once you have depleted the charge

Range: This system’s minimum range is 10 feet (no less than 20 feet across) and maximum range is 150 feet in any direction (up to 300 feet across). It covers an area of up to 1 acre.  This is best for a yard with little to no slope and only a few trees.

Dog Size: The collar for this system best fits dogs that are 20 pounds and above.

Flexible: The transmitter for this Motorola system (the part that sends out the signal), like the TRAVELFENCE50, is able to be installed either inside or out. Additionally, this is one of the few systems with a rechargeable battery in the transmitter. What does this mean for you? Now your trips won’t be limited to places with electricity! You can now charge up the transmitter while you do have electricity, and later on get a few hours of free play for your dog wherever you happen to be!

Motorola also nails it again with their 15 levels of stimulation, an unbeatable amount of variation that accommodates different canine personalities.

Safe: Motorola suggests using a higher stimulation setting in dangerous situations, such as near a busy road or a steep drop-off.

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system – do not choose this system if you have a wooded or sloped yard, or if you have metal structures inside or outside your home.

As you can see, there is a wide range of offerings when it comes to wireless fences. Although you will never get completely away from signal variability or interference from trees and metal objects, there are other strengths about each of these units that makes them worth considering. We suggest choosing your most important criteria (Cost? Portability? Safety?) and picking a unit that performs well in that category. Most importantly, whatever you choose, make sure to follow the instructions, have realistic expectations, and enjoy the process of teaching your dog something new. You’ll have a new peace of mind, and your dog will be reveling in his new freedom.

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  • High Tech Pet Humane Contain HC-8000 – $57.25

Easy: This super-affordable model is extremely easy to set up.



Dog Size:

Flexible: The collar that comes with this unit actually works with a pet deterrent system from the same brand, so you can also keep your pet away from flower beds, pools, porches, or indoor objects like the sofa.

Safe: This model has unusual programming that keeps dogs a bit more safe from getting shocked too much. This can happen if a dog runs past the border and just doesn’t come back…a model with no preventative measures would just keep shocking. Some models keep the shock down to 30 seconds. This High Tech Pet model actually increases the stimulation as the dog gets closer to the boundary – which should make them turn back long before they get past the edge to that sustained shock zone. Additionally, there is an audible beep that also gets louder as the dog approaches the boundary. These two indicators together will really increase your dog’s speed at picking up on where the boundary is (helpful at times when the signal is a bit unreliable and might waver away from the flag markers in the ground).

Limitations: Same as any wireless fence system.


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