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Best Dog Clippers for Poodles: Know the best type of Clippers.

Whether elaborately coifed or minimally pruned into a short uniform length, poodles are a breed renowned for their unique coats. Poodles have soft, fine fur that tends to grow curly, wiry and dense. This distinctive fur is generally low-shedding and can be clipped, trimmed and shaved into many different cuts and styles. Whether being groomed by a professional groomer or being groomed from home, the coat of a poodle requires routine brushing, bathing and trimming to avoid matting of the fur. On average poodle owners take their pets to be groomed as often as 3-6 weeks! As this frequency of professional grooming can become costly and time consuming, many owners of poodles choose to do some or all of their pet’s grooming  themselves, at home. Whether concerned about economical grooming, or simply considering that your pet may be more comfortable at home rather than in the unfamiliarity of a groomer’s office, grooming from home is a common choice amongst poodle owners. Grooming from home may take practice, but can be a great way to save money and time when grooming your beloved pet poodle.

Best Dog Clippers for Poodles

Why Is It Important to Find the Best Clippers for Poodles?

Poodles and mixed breeds of poodles, have thick, curly fur that tends to “lock” together, resulting in tight, tangled knots that can pull at the skin, sometimes causing irritation. These thick coats of fur may pose a problem for pet clippers that operate with low performance and power. If planning to fully groom your pet poodle from home, it is a good idea to invest in professional quality grooming clippers to ensure a safe, efficient and accurate cut. The best dog clippers for poodles are models that work efficiently while operating quietly without overheating. These clippers posses the power to cut easily through dense and knotted fur.

The Different Types of Dog Clippers Explained

When purchasing a pair of dog clippers for your pet poodle, it is important to consider how you will be using your new tool. Know how you will be expecting to use your new pet clipper’s to make the best selection of model or style of to suit your needs. Will you be giving your pet a full grooming using different sized blades for long periods of time? In this case you will work best with a high quality professional  grade model of clippers. Will you, on the other hand, be using your new pet clippers to give your beloved pet quick touch ups between professional a professional grooming? If you will be maintaining your pet in this more casual manner you may work best with a light and easy-to-use model of clippers meant to be in use for shorter periods of time.

When you purchase pet clippers you are at basics paying for cutting power and comfort. Knowing how you plan to use your pet clippers will help to determine what type of model is best for you.

Important to Find

What to Look for in Dog Clippers for Poodles

The first step in the decision of which pet clippers will be best for your poodle, is to consider exactly which job you will be needing your clippers to complete and how often your clippers will be used. Selecting the perfect clippers for you and your pet poodle depends on the size of your dog, the specific areas you want to trim, the thickness of their fur and your dog’s sensitivity to loud noises.

If you will be using your clippers for a full grooming or for larger standard poodle pets, you may want to consider models with multiple blade attachments, speed settings and a cord for optimal power and performance. If you plan to use your clippers for quick trims of small areas or for teacup or miniature poodle types, you may opt for a more quiet, light and versatile model.

Once you determine how you will be using your clippers you can narrow down the choices of available models based on what features are important to you.

There are models that boast quick charging times for cordless models, quiet motors, comfortable grips and holds as well as strong build quality.

Regardless of features of personal preference, a quality model of pet clippers will feature sharp and sturdy blades as well as an efficient and reliable motor that is not prone to over heating.

  • Blades & Overheating
There are many different sizes and types of blades available to use when grooming your pet poodle. Some blades are manufactured in different sizes to cut at various lengths particular to a specific style of poodle cut. Others are designed for trimming and shaping delicate hair or tackling tough tangles and thick coats.

Many clippers of lower quality and performance are notorious for overheating while in use. All pet clipper blades warm up with use, but overheating requires that you stop and allow the machine to cool before resuming your grooming. Overtime, overheating the motor reduces the lifetime of your machine. Hot blades can irritate your pet’s skin and overheating is generally not good for the motor of your pet clippers.

Dull blades can be responsible for overheating pet clippers. Your clipper’s blades should be sharpened or replaced after an average of 100 hours of use.

A high SPM can cause friction that overheats your motor. Be mindful that a although a higher SPM is necessary for cutting through dense fur, higher performance will lead to greater friction and heat of the blades. Routinely applying clipper oil to your machine will help keep your blades and motor cool while in frequent or prolonged use.

What to Look for in Dog Clippers for Poodles

  • Multiple Clipper Lengths & Sizes of Blades
When groomed, poodle fur is traditionally maintained at different lengths at different points on the body. Because of this variation of fur length, is important to have a machine with detachable clipper attachments as options for trimming areas of different lengths. Many models are available with multiple attachments to make transitioning to grooming different lengths a bit easier as well as allowing hot blades to cool down while another blade is in use.
  • Speed Settings
It is also important to consider a model with multiple speeds. The slower setting is perfect for trimming and touching up more delicate, thinner fur in more sensitive areas. The fast setting is ideal for cutting through thick fur and tough to tackle matting. Further, human clipper blades tend to be thinner which may clog and blunt with use on your poodle’s dense coat.
  • Corded or Cordless
Pet clippers come in both corded and cordless models. The biggest difference between these types is generally power.

Cordless models operate with power from a rechargeable battery. These rechargeable models are limited in the amount of voltage they can provide to the motor which in turn limits power and performance. These models may also tend to be heavier in the hand than corded models, as they rely on dense battery packs for power. Cordless models are great for smaller types of poodles and between-grooming touchups.

Corded models are generally powerful, but may tend to overheat requiring a cool down period for the blades and motor when in continuous use. The length and flexibility of the cord may also limit mobility while grooming your pets. Corded models are durable and powerful enough to fully groom a standard sized poodle.

  • SPM & Torque
Manufacturers of pet clippers refer to the power of their machines in values of Strokes Per Minute or SPM as well as torque. SPM quantifies how many times the blade travels back and forth within one minute. SPM does not necessarily indicate more cutting power, but rather the speed at which the blades move. Torque refers to the measure of power that is supplied to the fast-moving blade.
  • Ergonomics
When purchasing pet clippers for your poodle it is important to consider the comfort in which you can use your new tool. If the pet clippers you purchase are uncomfortable or cumbersome to use you may avoid using them to groom your pet. To appreciate the full value of your new purchase, be mindful in selecting pet clippers with a design intended to provide comfort while in use.

Weight and noise are other important factors to consider. If your pet clippers are too heavy, it may limit your ability to use them for extended periods of time. If too noisy, your pet clippers might be upsetting to poodles sensitive to loud noises.

Corded or Cordless

What Type of Clippers Are Best for Matted Fur?

Thick coats and matted fur can pose a real problem for those models of wireless clippers that lack the power to cut through the knotting. Although mobility is important to consider with any purchase of pet clippers, to tackle the matted fur of your poodle, you will want to invest in pet clippers that have a cord designed to supply your machine with optimal power. As matted fur can be a stubborn problem to solve, pet clippers with different speed settings can be helpful. Slower speeds are best for a more versatile cut and trim where faster speeds can better cut through tough matting.

Tips for Safely Grooming Your Poodle

  • Routine brushing, bathing and trimming can minimize the occurrence of mats and tangles, making grooming more safe and enjoyable for your pet
  • Invest in well rated, quality equipment to perform an accurate, safe grooming. Replace blades and apply clipper oil to your machine routinely.
  • Use extra caution when grooming sensitive areas such as fur around the eyes, ears and paws. Exercise even greater caution when using a brand new machine unfamiliar to you or your pet
  • Groom your pet with calm, deliberate motions; Choose a comfortable spot for both you and your poodle where grooming is uninterrupted by other loud noises or sudden movements of pets or people
  • Take time to acquaint your pet with new pet clippers or grooming accessories
  • Be aware of any sudden movements from your poodle; gently and slowly move the clippers away from your pet if they appear disturbed or agitated
  • To complete your at-home grooming, you might choose to invest in additional grooming accessories for your poodle:
    • Scissors with rounded tips can be used to trim delicate areas around the eyes, ears and paws.
    • Blade coolant may or may not be included with your newly purchased pet clippers but is necessary for the proper maintenance of your blades and machine.
    • Styptic powder may be of use in the event of a small knick or cut. Even the most professional of groomers occasionally knick a spot that bleeds more freely such as around the ears. In this case, a small amount of styptic powder helps to stop bleeding immediately.

How to Groom a Poodle: Four Important Tips

How to Groom a Poodle: Four Important Tips

  • Use equipment that is appropriate for your dog’s breed and fur type; invest in high performance clippers for larger poodles with thick coats. All models of pet clippers are capable of becoming very hot while being use. Be mindful of this heat to avoid burning your pup’s skin.
  • Before trimming with clippers, carefully brush and bathe your poodle to clear any tangles and prevent the clipper blades from catching on any matted fur
  • Give yourself plenty of time to groom your pet; a calm nature will help your pet feel more calm during grooming as well
  • Select a cut that is maintainable for your poodle; for warmer months opt for a shorter cut

Prepping to Make Grooming Easy

Keeping your poodle on a regular grooming schedule helps to ensure that the soft, hair-like fur of your pet is free of tangles and matting. Routine maintenance of your poodle’s cut will help cut down on trimming time and protect your pet’s skin from irritation

Before each grooming, bathe, brush and dry your poodle. When bathed and brushed beforehand, your clippers will cut more easily through their clean coat, optimizing your grooming time. A bathe before grooming frees the fur from any grease, dirt or oil that could cause friction and clogging residue on your blades. When dust or dirt sits on the blades of your clippers friction is created causing the motor to heat more quickly. A quick bath before using your pet clippers on your poodle will extend the life of your machine and making grooming much more comfortable for you and your pet!

The Difference Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

The Difference Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

Many pet owners make the mistake of attempting to groom their pup with clippers designed for human hair. Human hair is generally much more fine and thin than pet hair, thus clippers designed for human hair lack the power needed to tackle curly, thick poodle fur. Most models of human hair clippers have motors that are not powerful enough for the coat of a poodle. If these weaker clippers are used, they pose the risk of pulling your pet poodle’s skin into the blades causing painful burns or cuts. Avoid human clippers and opt for a model of pet clippers designed for the thick fur of your poodle.

The Best Pet Clippers for You and Your Poodle

By considering which features are important to you and for what you will be using your pet clippers to complete, you should be able to find the best set of clippers for your household. By grooming your pet at home, you can either extend the time between professional grooming appointments or fully groom your pet from the comfort of your own home.

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