Best Food for Sensitive Stomach – Are you feeding your dog right?

Best Food for Sensitive Stomach

There are hundreds of dog food brands to choose from and it can be hard to know which one is the best for your dog. This is even more difficult when it comes to looking for best food for Sensitive Stomachs. To choose what is best for your dog you need to know what provides energy and health for your dog and what the best weight and size for your dog is. We will mainly focus on small dogs in this article, but many of these nutritional facts are true for all dogs.

Protein and fats are the two basics that all dogs need

Your dog needs food that will provide them with good sources of natural energy. Protein and fats are the two basics that all dogs need for energy. Dogs don’t need any carbohydrates for their health or energy. So, dogs do not need foods like corn, potatoes, wheat, barley, or rice.


Many dog foods have these foods in them because dog food with lots of carbs are cheap to manufacture and have a very long shelf life before going bad. But dogs do not actually need the carbs. Some carbs are not bad for dogs, and they can provide some energy. But many dog foods use more carbs than proteins and fats and that can damage the health of your dog and can even lead to a shorter lifespan. 

Many popular dog foods use corn, corn syrup

Many popular dog foods use corn, corn syrup, wheat bran, chicken byproduct, salt, peanut hulls, food dyes, sweeteners, and flavor chemicals. These things do not provide much nutritional value for your dog and can lead to an upset stomach. It is hard for your dog’s stomach to digest lots of carbs and chemicals.


Look for the signs of an upset stomach in your dog. Look for occasional vomiting, intermittent loose stools, indigestion with belching, nausea, and bloating. These can all be signs of a sensitive stomach and too much intake of carbs and artificial fillers. Once you notice that your dog has a sensitive stomach, it’s time to act and change diets. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and real chicken help sensitive stomachs and they are easily digested. So, start looking for dog foods that have these ingredients instead of artificial fillers and carbs that are hard on the digestive system. 

Basically, your dog needs plenty of natural proteins and fats to stay healthy and gain lots of natural energy. The ingredients that provide these natural proteins and fats are the same that soothe sensitive stomachs and are easily digested.

Shih Tzu you don’t need massive amounts of fat

  For small dogs and Shih Tzu you don’t need massive amounts of fat and protein because of their small size. Shih Tzu are small and hardy dogs but need the proper food because foods with lots of fillers can leave them nauseated, make their skin dry, and long term, can even affect their muscles and cardiovascular system. 

Shih Tzu needs natural fats and proteins just like any dog, and they also need plenty of antioxidants. The very best dog food for Shih Tzu will have no corn, soy, or wheat gluten, those are fillers. The best foods for Shih Tzu will contain plenty of protein, natural, unprocessed meats, anti-oxidants, and perhaps a few added vitamins, like omega 3’s for their fur.

Always look for natural dog food

Always look for natural dog foods with no added preservatives, or fillers like corn wheat bran, or flavor additives. Dogs need proteins and fats, and small dogs, like Shih Tzu, need antioxidants and vitamins.


And make sure you feed your small dogs the properly sized small amounts according to their size.