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Do you shudder at the thought of taking your dog for a walk in below freezing weather? Maybe even below 50°F (10°C) is a stretch for you! It can be conflicting for any pet owner when deciding between staying in and keeping warm, or taking your dog on their much coveted walk.

With that in mind, let’s check out the top 5 best neck warmers and snoods for 2019’s winter!

  1. Zoo Snoods (Website & on Amazon)

I think it’s safe to say that we all love Amazon, their deals and trust in the reviews of fellow dog-lovers. And who can deny that Prime’s two-day shipping hasn’t at times persuaded us to purchase something?

Whether you’re looking for a cute costume for your dog or a way to keep them warm, Zoo Snoods gives your dog a new set of ears while protecting their real ones! Thinking ahead, this is an economical purchase as Zoo Snoods is something you can use this winter and next fall for Halloween.

Zoo Snoods, a reputable company that provides adorable animal-knit snoods for pets, is on amazon, offers a 100% money-back guarantee and has a consistent 5-star rating on their products. In addition to feeling confident in your purchase, you can also feel charitable since they are committed to donating one dollar of proceeds to various pet charities.

Did you ever think your dog kind of looked like a bear? Well now they can have the ears to match. Maybe you thought they were more like a bull, a panda or a bunny. If you don’t see what you were dreaming of on Amazon, don’t have a prime account or want to make sure that the $1 is donated, check out over a dozen options on their website!


Make sure you look at their website’s sizing chart to ensure the best fit for your pooch. Some previous customers suggested that if you have a very active dog, you might want to size down as the yarn has a tendency to stretch after a couple wears. You might want to hurry and add an adorable snood to your cart, because Zoo Snoods are selling out on some animal designs due to their end of the holiday’s sale! Prices for the snoods range from $15+ for a small to $25+ for a large.

  •  RC Pet Products (Website & on Amazon)

Does your dog love to snuggle? Then the Summit Snood by RC Pet Products is for you. Your pup can dive right into this cozy fleece snood for a cold winter day! Some customers have even reported that this snood is so comfortable that their dogs like to sleep with it on.

With three colors to choose from (Red/Gray drawstrings, Black/Lime drawstrings, or Teal/Orange drawstrings) your dog can happily roll around in the cold without worrying about their ears getting too cold. Thanks to the two adjustable drawstrings, the snood will be secured in place throughout all of the digging, running and rolling.

This snood comes with some appealing features such as reflectivity on the RC label and decorative piping, machine washable anti-pilling fabric and a stretch to ensure freedom of movement.

The Summit Snood is not only meant for the head, but also for the neck. To ensure the correct sizing for your dog, you should check out their sizing chart on their website.  Not only does RC Pet Products sell “The Summit Snood,” but they just came out with a new snood, The Polaris.

The Polaris offers many of the same benefits as the Summit including the easy to use drawstrings, three color choices (teal, plum or black) and machine washable. However, the Polaris is made of a highly reflective yarn material allowing the entire snood to become a safety feature.

In addition, the tight knit material of the Polaris can create an even warmer feel than the fleece of the Summit. Overall, both are great options for your pet and come with an amazing guarantee: repair or replacement products for the lifetime of your pet. Although this product may seem pricier than others, the lifetime guarantee can give you peace of mind for a smart purchase.

Before purchasing, make sure their guarantee is honored both on their website and amazon! Prices range from $20+ to $25+ for the Summit and $35+ for the new Polaris snood.

  • Crochet Snood by SeacliffeCottage (Etsy)

While Amazon offers excellent shipping and returns, it’s hard to beat the care put into handmade items such as this crochet snood by SeacliffeCottage offered on Etsy. If you’ve never heard of Etsy, you are in for an amazing discovery. Etsy is an online shopping medium to find handcrafted, unique, vintage or custom items sold by individual businesses from all over the world. SeacliffeCottage is a business located in Canada and has an excellent review rating of 1,099 5-star reviews.

Although SeacliffeCottage offers dog snoods and scarves in 159 different colors and designs, they also make other items like baby booties, adult hats, scarves and baby blankets. Even though this business is in Canada, they luckily offer reasonably-priced shipping to the United States.

This crochet snood is handmade to perfection and is ready-to-ship. This particular oatmeal colored snood is heavily textured giving extra warmth and comes in four different sizes: x-small, small/short, small and medium. The material can be washed in the washing machine and is meant to be laid flat to dry.

Lastly, the snoods from this business are stretchy for ultimate comfort made from acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn is an excellent non-allergen material for dogs known for its durability and washability. Prices range from$10+ to $20+ subject to change based on current exchange rates.

  • Knitted Wool Snoods and Cotton Snoods By WoofCoutureDog (Etsy)

If you’re still feeling a little heartbroken from the first snood option because they didn’t have your animal of choice, WoofCoutureDog from Etsy may have what you’re looking for! They have a tropical frog, a fiery fox and a sweet little mouse snood! The Bear Snood and the rest of their animal snoods are made of wool and the sizing of each item can be found in the description within the post.

Wool is an excellent material for those who live in humid areas because wool can absorb roughly 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling cold or damp. However, wool can be an allergen for some dogs so it is important to check your pup for a skin rash or unusual behavior. If you know your dog has an allergy, don’t despair.


WoofCoutureDog handmakes all of their doggy items from either 100% cotton, fleece or wool and has an array of coats, sweaters, hats, leashes, collars and over 100 snoods for every occasion. Another excellent product is the red buffalo plaid snood. This snood comes in four sizes and two different elastic options. The elastic option is great for those who might want a more secure feeling for their dog (three elastic bands) versus a typical two elastic band design.

WoofCoutureDog is targeted towards smaller breeds and has a unique collection of outerwear especially for French Bulldogs—although the items would work for any small breed. They have been on etsy since 2013 and are based out of Florida, USA. WoofCoutureDog offers special services such as “rushing” an item for a small fee, customization of an item and exchanges within 7 days of delivery. Prices range from $10+  to $50+ based on the material and size—subject to change based on current exchange rates.
  • Waterproof Snood By WoofCoutureDog (Etsy)

Maybe by this point, you’re thinking that you might not need a snood because your winter ranges from 32°F (0°C) to 50°F (10°C). However, if you live in a rainy location, you might want to reconsider! When dogs are wet, they are more prone to the cold, even at higher temperatures. 

Also, as mentioned earlier, dogs with floppy or thin ears or ears prone to ear infections can have a proclivity to being cold and may need a cover, too. This snood is a great option because it is 100% waterproof. Not only do people use this to keep their dog’s ears warm and dry from rainy walks, but also when they are giving their dog baths or when they’re feeding their floppy-eared friends their meals!

WoofCoutureDog has almost 2,000 five star reviews, and this waterproof design comes in several different colors and designs. This monkey pattern is adorable for bathtime or eating time and keeps dog’s ears clean, dry and infection-free. While this snood might not offer a lot of warmth, it is pretty inexpensive and will make a great addition to your budding snood collection. Prices range from only $10+ for an extra-small and $15+ for a large. This snood comes in four sizes: XS, S, M, and L.

At this point, snoods and neck warmers have grown on you and you’ve probably already got one on the way. To an untrained eye, one might think you only care for the appearance of your dog, but when you choose a snood for your dog, you’ve chosen a way to keep your little one happy, healthy and warm.

However, the task becomes less daunting if you have some facts. For example, you may ask the question, “Is going on a walk in the cold still in my dog’s best interest?” The answer is yes. According to PetMd, dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes (sometimes more, depending on the breed) of exercise a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being busy, some of us can only manage to get one or two walks in a week, let alone seven.

And with winter in full-force, it is understandable to lean towards doing even less without the right equipment. In the end, we all want what is best for our furry family member. In this article, we have compiled the facts about chilly weather and some options that will keep your dog warm and happy even on the coldest winter walks.

Before we look at those top 5 best neck warmers and snoods for your pooch, it is important to consider if your dog even needs one and if they do, what to look for in a functional snood.

First things first, if you like to take walks longer than 30 minutes in the winter, you should strongly consider purchasing some warm outerwear for your dog! There are a lot of options including coats, sweaters, snoods, scarves, hats and booties.

Any of these options are viable choices, especially in combination with each other. Prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures can cause hypothermia or frostbite in our furry friends and the best way to treat this is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Hypothermia is characterized by a 1 to 2 degree drop in a dog’s body temperature (which typically rests between 101 and 102.5 degrees fahrenheit or 38.3 to 39.2 degrees celsius).

This can happen very easily in some dogs, and not so easily in others. Some dogs are simply born with the tools to be in colder weather, like Siberian Huskies who have a thick layer of fur. Deciding if your dog has the proper attributes will depend on a bit of research regarding your dog’s breed.

However, if you have a small, old, hypoglycemic or short-haired dog, chances are you will need some sort of outerwear and preventing them from getting the shivers should be at the top of your list! You may be asking yourself, why a neck warmer or snood instead of a coat or sweater? What even is a snood? 

A snood is a knitted hood or scarf that originally was only worn by people. Now, dog snoods have become popular ever since their appearance at the Westminster Dog Show and they cover the dog’s neck and ears. While a snood seems very similar to a neck warmer, a neck warmer only covers the neck of a dog, leaving the ears exposed.

Although it’s a good idea to consider multiple forms of clothing to keep your fur baby warm, dog’s ears can be one of the first things to get frostbite when their body temperature starts dropping. Dog’s ears have over a dozen muscles in them, help them hear high frequencies, move their ears independently and express emotion. Due to how important a dog’s ears can be, they are very important to protect, which is exactly what a snood does!

This means that it’s a good idea to invest in ear-outerwear for your dog regardless of below-freezing temperatures— especially if they have floppy ears, thin ears or ears prone to ear infections. When considering the perfect snood, you should look into the material for warmth and comfort, functionality, style and price. Our list has a range of prices, styles and materials that can work for you and your lifestyle with your pet.
Neck Warmer

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there for your dog. Even if you have got your heart set on one of the options above, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some dogs may not enjoy wearing something on their head–even in the extreme cold—and that’s okay! Afterall, outerwear is for the comfort and safety of your pet.

If your dog likes wearing it, it’s probably bringing them comfort. For example, Whippets and Greyhounds usually wear coats, jackets and snoods in any mild weather due to their short coat and little body fat. Sometimes they even wear their outerwear inside! Although there are sizing charts for each snood, every dog is different.

It is important that you can comfortably fit two fingers in between your dog and the item of clothing. If not, the item of clothing is too tight on your dog and you should exchange it for a bigger size. On the other hand, perhaps you have a picky dog but know it is too cold for your dog without a snood. Consult a veterinarian about the best course of action for your dog.

Another point to consider is that sometimes it is too cold to take your dog for a walk. If the temperature in your area is below 0°F (-17.7°C), you should refrain from taking your pup for a walk. There are plenty of wonderful alternatives to walking your dog such as tug-of-war, training games, or mind games to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Lastly, if you have an outdoor dog, remember to bring them in when temperatures drop below freezing or make sure they have a heated space to relax. Whatever you decide, we know it will be best for your furry friend. Ultimately, if you’re worried about hypothermia or frostbite in your dog, consult a vet immediately for care and consider using preventative measures in the future. Happy 2019 and a happy warm winter, my fellow dog-lovers.

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