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5 Best Silent Dog Clippers

Very few dogs truly look like they enjoy going to the groomers or simply being groomed. Many suffer from anxiety throughout the whole grooming process or just when it comes to getting their nails trimmed. Sometimes introducing typical grooming methods at a young age can help alleviate anxiety, but what if you adopted a dog or did not attempt that method? Below are some tips and tricks to help you with your anxious pup when it comes to grooming.

Five of the Best Silent Dog Clippers for Anxious Dogs

  • Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper

The Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Clipper is one of the pricey options for grooming your pup, but it has very helpful features. The 3000i is cordless and heavy duty, which is beneficial for you and your dog. Since it is a heavy-duty clipper, this means you’ll spend less time grooming your dog and long or thick hair/fur will not be an issue. In addition to dogs, the 3000i is suggested for cats and livestock, so if you have other furry pets then your investment will certainly provide! Having a cordless clipper is amazing, you do not have to worry about the cord getting tangled around your pup or running out of cord while you are grooming your dog. Product details mention that the 3000i can function up to two hours on a single charge, so you do not have to worry about the battery running out anytime soon! The clipper does not lose all of it’s charge when not in use, and it is compatible with all other A5 Oster blades!

5 best silent dog clippers

Not only do you get a product that is user friendly, but it is perfect for your pet! The 3000i maintains its power throughout the battery life, meaning when the battery is getting low, it stays at the same level of power so you won’t have to worry about tugging the clipper through your pet’s coat when the battery is almost out. This feature saves you and your pet that unwanted hassle! The noise level on the 3000i is low and quiet, which is a must-have feature for anxious dogs. This clipper also delivers a groomer-quality cut that is easily done at home! Maintenance is not complicated, simply clean after each use and follow the directions for lubrication to ensure smooth running and longevity.

  • Wahl Motion Lithium Ion Clippers

The Wahl Motion Lithium Ion Clipper is a close-second to the Oster Pro 3000i. It is much more affordable and comes with a 5-in-1 blade set. Six different guide combs are included if you prefer to use those when grooming your pup, they are very helpful for beginner groomers. This clipper is also recommended, like the 3000i, for livestock and cats. The Ion Clipper reaches a full charge within an hour, but if you cannot wait that long, the clipper is usable while charging. If you need to do an emergency grooming session, you don’t have to sit and wait for it to fully charge in order to use!  Much like the 3000i, thick fur and hair will not slow this clipper down. The Ion Clipper comes with a one-year warranty in case you change your mind or if there is anything wrong with the product.

  • Andis UltraEdge Super 2

Andis is a well-known beloved clipper brand amongst many professional dog groomers. The UltraEdge has an extremely basic design for pet-owners who are simply looking for something to get the job done. This clipper is corded, but is fourteen feet long so you have plenty to work with when grooming your pup. There are high and low speed settings in case you want to take your time over sensitive areas or quickly work through thick fur. The UltraEdge is very affordable and has an excellent customer rating. There are six different color options for the UltraEdge, so if you’ve been dying to have a matching grooming set, you finally can!

The UltraEdge boasts clippers that prevent snags and clogs in your pets fur, so you won’t be tugging or detangling in the middle of grooming! The UltraEdge is quiet and is suitable for all breeds and coat types.

  • Oster A5 2-Speed

Oster made the list a second time with its A5 2-Speed clipper. If you are set on an Oster but not wanting to pay top-dollar, this is the option for you! The A5 offers a high and low speed setting, all while handling thick coats. The A5 comes with a one-year warranty in case anything happens. This clipper is available in a corded or cordless option, so you can pick whichever you prefer! The A5 brags that it is chew-proof and nearly unbreakable, which is nice in case your pup decides that it is a toy when you are not grooming them. It is compatible with all A5 detachable blades, perfect for general grooming or cleaning up tough spots, and is quiet enough for your pup.

  • Andis ProClip AGC2

Andis has tied with Oster on the list with its ProClip AGC2. The AGC2 is the cheapest option that still delivers groomer-quality. The two-speed clipper offers a high and low setting that can handle any coat type and length. The clipper has a smooth and quiet design that your pup will love. The AGC2 is corded and is fourteen feet in length, much like the UltraEdge Super 2. The AGC2 has easy-cleaning detachable blades and shatter-proof housing, so if it drops or get knocked, there will not be damage! The AGC2 also features a handy locking switch, preventing it from being shut off accidentally.

What is the BEST Quiet Dog Clipper for My Dog?

Budget and product specifications are certainly important when choosing a quiet clipper for an anxious dog. It may be really tempting to go with the cheaper option, but that may not be what is best for your pet. Usually, the cheaper the clipper the less quiet and soothing it is. The more expensive options do promise a much more quiet motor and smoother grooming session. If you have to wait a bit and save in order to purchase the better quality clipper, such as the Oster Pro 3000i,  it’s worth it for both you and your pup.

Five of the Best Silent Dog Clippers for Anxious Dogs

Why do dogs become anxious while getting groomed?

Some dogs walk happily into the groomers and go through the process just fine, while others behave like it is an absolute nightmare and cry until they are picked up by their owner. For many dogs, the latter is the norm. Many factors contribute to a dog’s anxiety while being groomed such as, unfamiliar surroundings, smells, noises, sharp objects, and sensing that the groomer is anxious or nervous.

If you are taking your dog to the groomers for the first time, or continuously have them with a different groomer, this can trigger anxiety before your pup even begins the grooming process. A new or unfamiliar environment can cause a lot of stress and because your dog has never been there before and does not feel safe about its surroundings. New or unfamiliar smells can make any dog anxious, an overcrowded grooming salon can contribute to this. Loud and sudden noises such as clippers, items being dropped, or clanging can make a grooming visit more stressful and unpleasant for your pup. Sharp objects like manual nail clippers and grooming scissors can scare a dog because they are not familiar with these objects. If a groomer is anxious or nervous, your pup can easily pick up on this and become just as anxious because they do not feel safe with that groomer.

Why is it bad that dogs are anxious while being groomed?

If your dog is anxious while being groomed, this can lead to many problems such as accidental cuts, stabs, scratchings, jumping off of a groomer’s table, and breathing issues. If a dog is anxious while the groomer is using scissors, nail clippers, or shape equipment, they are not likely to be sitting still on the table. If a dog is not sitting still while any sharp object is being used, this can lead to accidental stabbings, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, or even punctures. We all understand that accidents happen, but an anxious pup makes those potential accidents much more likely. It is important for dog owners to pay attention to how their pup is behaving before handing them over to the groomer, so such accidents do not occur or are less likely.

In extreme cases, an anxious dog could jump off the groomer’s table during grooming or begin to have breathing issues, both could result in death. A dog that is extremely uncomfortable or overly anxious might try to jump off the groomer’s table in order to escape the situation. This can be deadly as most dogs have a short, thin leash around their neck when they are on the table. Often this is so sudden and quick that a groomer does not have time to react, and the dog dies. A dog can be so anxious while being groomed that they can begin to have breathing issues because of how stressful the environment is around them. If the temperature is 5 best silent dog clippers in the grooming salon, this can also result in breathing issues. If the dog’s breathing issues are not addressed by grooming staff immediately, this can result in a serious emergency or death.

How to control anxiety and keep a dog calm during grooming:

There are many tips and tricks for calming an anxious dog before, after, and during a grooming session.

What is the BEST Quiet Dog Clipper for My Dog?

If you drop your dog off at a grooming salon:

A great beginner trick for when you schedule your pup’s first grooming appointment, give them a tour before the actual appointment. Most grooming salons do not mind if you walk-in and explain that you have an upcoming appointment and want your dog to familiarize themselves with the establishment before the appointment. This allows your dog the chance to meet the groomers and get a feel for what the environment will be like. On the day of the appointment, take your time. If you start to rush and push your dog into the car, they will begin to feel anxious before they even arrive at the grooming salon. Make sure you and your pup are ready in plenty of time before the appointment, and even arrive early to make sure your dog is calm and collected before going in.

If you are dropping your dog off at a grooming salon and worry about your pup’s anxiety, ask for an experienced groomer who knows how to handle anxious dogs. Talk to them before you leave your pup with them, let them know your concerns. Make sure you leave your current phone number and ask to be called if your pup shows signs of anxiousness. After the appointment, it helps to give your dog plenty of love and praise for making it to the end of the grooming session, sometimes a treat can help with this!

If you groom your dog at home:

Having a dedicated grooming space for your dog can alleviate any signs of anxiousness, usually a spot that they pick or are comfortable in is best. Keeping treats nearby will help during the process, and will hopefully motivate your pup and help them realize that it is not something to be fearful of. Allowing your dog to explore the grooming tools beforehand is always a good idea, this way they can familiarize themselves with what you will be using. Do not push your pup, if they try to squirm away from you while you are clipping their nails, or if they start to cry when the clipper is turned on, let them pull away. Do not force grooming objects on your dog if they are clearly anxious and uncomfortable about them. Grooming is a process, and not a quick one, so patience is key when it comes to grooming your furry friend.

Helpful tips for the salon and home:

Many dogs show signs of fear as well as anxiousness during or before grooming. Here are a few simple tips and reminders to help alleviate your pup’s fear and anxiousness.

Make sure you give the dog a break. Whether you put down the grooming tools and offer a treat or take them outside for a potty break, offering that time helps the dog to relax a bit and feel less stressed and afraid. There isn’t a rule as to how long the break needs to be, just however long it takes for the dog to feel comfortable and ready to continue with grooming. Some signs that a dog is successfully de-stressing include laying down, exploring their surroundings, and scratching.

Do not punish the dog for growling at you. It is in their nature to growl at things or situations they are not comfortable with, take it as a warning and do not yell at the dog or attempt any form of punishment. Punishing the dog can sometimes make the situation much worse and cause things to escalate quickly and result in an accident.

Forcing a dog to behave a certain way while brushing or clipping them will not help. Yanking a dog around on a grooming table or putting them in a headlock while brushing them will only cause further fear and anxiety in the dog. If this type of behavior continuously occurs, the dog may shut-down or become more anxious and may act out when being groomed. Again, taking a break is a good idea for the groomer and the dog, do not let frustration rule the situation.

Having treats on hand is extremely useful for anxious, shy or well-behaved pups. Treats can be used to help a pup be okay with being on a grooming table or as a reward for a dog who was very well-behaved while having their nails trimmed. Rewards are associated with something good, so if rewards are presented during grooming, the dog will be more likely to understand it as a positive experience rather than a fearful one.

Before grooming or when taking a break, ask the dog to do something it knows such as sit, shake, or high-five. Most dogs love to please and don’t mind fulfilling a request. If the dog completes a few tasks readily, they will settle down after a bit and then you are ready to go back to or begin grooming. If a dog ignores these requests and appear disinterested, this could be a sign of anxiousness or stress. Some common signs of anxiousness and stress include pacing, whining, shaking, and growling. If the dog does not seem interested in fulfilling a command, this is where the treats may help.

Electric Dog Hair Clippers v.s. Manual Dog Hair Clippers:

Every professional groomer and dog owner have their preference as to which type of clippers work best for dogs. Some are die hard electric clipper fans, while others prefer the old-fashioned manual clippers. We have looked at both and present you the pros and cons of each style.

Electric dog clippers are easily becoming a fan favorite. They are versatile, user-friendly, and you don’t have to have had prior experience in order to use them. There are many types ranging from simple two-speed settings to multiple settings depending on your dog’s coat and how you want to style them. You can pick between corded and cordless, and choose what style of blades you want to clip with. Cordless electric clippers offer a rechargeable battery, and some even allow you to use them while they are charging. If you choose a cordless clipper, you do not have to worry about a cord tangling around you and your pet while you are grooming them.

A big concern amongst electric clippers is the noise. Electric clippers are not completely silent, so some may say that they are not ideal for anxious dogs. There are some brands that boast a quiet motor, but that is as close to silent as you will get with an electric clipper.
How to control anxiety and keep a dog calm during grooming:

Manual clippers are not always the first choice. Many people worry that the scissors are too sharp for their pup, and could result in an accident if they have a dog that does not care to be groomed. Another concern is that they are not beginner-friendly, owners assume that you have to have prior experience in order to know what you are doing when it comes to using manual dog clippers. They are also not as versatile as an electric clipper, and are harder to use on thick coats.

A benefit that manual clippers do hold over electric clippers is that they are completely silent. If you have a pup that is afraid of noises or is anxious when it comes to grooming, manual clippers are much preferred over electric clippers. They do not make any noise while grooming, so your dog will be at ease which can make the grooming process much easier.

Why we do not recommend manual clippers, like Scaredy Cut Silent:

Manual clippers are easily the most affordable option and boast that they are the perfect fit for an anxious dog because they are silent, but we still do not recommend them. Manual clippers leave too much room for accidents, and sometimes can be the cause of anxiety because of their appearance. Grooming scissors are very sharp, which can scare some pups because they do not interact with or have never interacted with sharp objects. If you have a dog that does not enjoy being groomed, manual clippers can be highly dangerous. A dog could be scratched, cut, stabbed or punctured by accident with manual clippers if the person doing the grooming is not careful. Even if the groomer is careful, accidents can still happen. Electric clippers lessen the chance of your pet being harmed.

Why do dogs become anxious while getting groomed?

Even though the noise of electric clippers is a concern, it is continuously being worked on. Most dogs can overcome the anxiety of the noise and vibration of an electric clipper with the help of their owner. If a dog is stabbed or hurt by manual clippers, they are not likely to forget that incident. A dog cannot be stabbed, punctured, or cut by an electric clipper when it is being used correctly and properly. It is the safest way to groom your dog, and makes grooming much quicker and easier.

When using manual clippers, if a dog has a thick coat or a copious amount of long hair, it can take hours to accomplish. Many electric clippers are rated for dogs, cats, and livestock so they are equipped to handle any type of coat no matter the length or thickness. Electric clippers groom your dog with ease and swiftness, and do not tug or get caught in your pup’s coat. Manual clippers could become tangled or snagged easily in a dog’s coat, especially if they have long and thick fur. Having clippers become tangled or snagged could result in your pet becoming anxious and can cause frustration for the person doing the grooming.

Scaredy Cut Silent is the number one recommended brand of manual clippers. The product description boasts that they are easy to maneuver and are completely silent. Although they are honest in noting that you will need some practice before using them on your pet. There are seven different attachments and a guide comb to prevent your pet from being scratched. Gel finger inserts are included so that your fingers are not too uncomfortable while grooming your pup.

Why is it bad that dogs are anxious while being groomed?

The description notes that the scissors are capable of cutting through matted hair and do not get stuck, nor cause an uneven cut. When consumers were asked about this product, they noted that it takes a long time to trim a large breed dog, and complain of arm cramps if the trimming is not divided up into small sections. Others note that if you do not have small hands, these scissors are not for you and the holes for your fingers are a bit tight.

The Scaredy Cut Silent does not appear to be user-friendly, nor versatile. Electric clippers trump the Scaredy Cut Silent because of how simple they are, and how anyone can use them successfully. You do not need any amount of practice in order to use electric clippers, unlike Scaredy Cut Silent. Most electric clippers have a comfortable grip and glide easily when being used, there is no worry of arm cramps or taking breaks during grooming. It does not matter how big or small your hands are, electric clippers will fit comfortably and your fingers will be saved from being stuck in a pair of scissors.

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