FURminator For Dogs : Solutions For All Hair Types For Dogs.

Pet owners around the world understand that there are many pleasing and difficult aspects of having a furry family member in their stead. From the varying degrees of care for the multitudes of breeds, to ensuring their happiness and well-being on an individualistic basis. There is a wealth of information and tools to guarantee the maintenance of the home, one of which pertains to the shedding of short, medium, and long haired pets. Some pets shed year round, which can cause difficulties in regards to allergies or cleanliness in general. A company titled FURminator offers solutions for all hair types for dogs.

FURminator For Dogs
For over a decade, FURminator has offered professional grade tools to assist in dog grooming that is easy to use and effective. Developed by a professional pet groomer and her husband, they created a solution to efficiently remove the loose undercoat of a pet’s fur. The tool was designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the pet, as this is typically a prominent concern for pet owners. This tool has become a sought after gem in pet ownership. The creators of FURminator continue to innovate and expand their brand in pet care by creating reasonably priced solutions to common pet owner concerns, such as shampoos, bathing brushes, and vacuums. In 2017, FURminator earned Brand of The Year at the World Branding Awards, Animalis Edition, solidifying their world recognized position as a pet care product provider. In the Grooming Products-Shedding Control category, FURminator was the only product selected for the Global Tier Award. This is especially impressive considering that there were over 800 products competing for the global honor, with 60,000 participants voting. This speaks to how prominent, effective, and well regarded FURminator’s brand has become through supplying quality products.

Is the FURminator For Dogs the Best Fur DeShedding Tool?

When it comes to products, its effectiveness is its key to its success. Consistently, the FURminator delivers its promised results. Reviews highlight its ability to remove loose undercoat hair, as well as, leaving a polished look for the dog. It is also designed with a FURejector release button, which makes cleaning out the DeShedding tool easy and allows for the loose hair to be placed in a specific area. The button allows the groomer to quickly complete the task, which is great for both parties involved. With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon (of 13,505 customer reviews), it’s evident there are a wealth of happy customers. The only truly negative review is from a buyer whom purchased from a third party and received a counterfeit product, which is always a risk one takes from purchasing from third parties. This would virtually leave any negativity toward the product essentially non-existent.  It’s evident that public opinion of the product falls in line with predominantly positive feedback.

FURminator is priced to be a worthwhile investment without breaking the bank. The pricing differs when it comes to selecting the length of hair for the breed of your dog, the size of the tool, and depends on which site you choose to buy from. FURminator is available on various platforms for purchase. These platforms include Amazon, Petsmart, FURminator,, Pet Supplies Plus, Home Alive Pets, and Petco. Its ease of access makes it a more plausible choice for pet owners and lovers who want to be able to do all of their shopping in one go and want to know they are getting quality.

What is the FURminator DeShedding Tool, how does it work?

The FURminator is designed to comb out the loose hair in your pet’s undercoat without harming your pet’s skin or damaging its coat. The teeth of the stainless DeShedding’s edge are long enough to reach beneath the topcoat; this is what allows it to leave the topcoat in tact. The teeth length vary based on your pet’s length of hair. The combs available are short, medium, and long hair length. FURminator offers a helpful Frequently Asked Question section to ensure you are selecting the proper tool for your pet. All that is required is selecting species and breed. It will provide the average weight, coat length, and seasonal shedding. The design includes a FURejector button and an ergonomic handle. The FURejector button is a release that is curved for comfort when handling, designed to comfortably rest one’s thumb. The ergonomic handle is made of soft and comfortable materials that fit in to the palm naturally to ensure the ability to complete the DeShedding with little to no discomfort. There are recommendations on how often you should use the DeShedding tool on your pet; preferably a few times a week for a short period of time, to not only keep the undercoat maintained, but to also loosen up the undercoat for the next DeShedding session. The FURminator makes it easier to groom your dog without large clumps and snags due to its teeth being smaller and closer together.


One of the greatest perks about the FURminator tool is that the hair stays in the comb until it is released. Other tools are known to allow the loose undercoat hair to fly freely after being released. However, the tight comb teeth keep the hair locked in place until you release it with the FURejector button, allowing you to place the loose undercoat hair into a pile, making clean up much easier. By selectively releasing the hair, it makes the grooming process far neater and more efficient. Particularly when it comes into regards with long haired dogs, such as German Shepherds, who shed quite consistently. The lever pushes the latch down to remove the hair from of the teeth of the comb. There are various videos available on sites such as Youtube, where one search for videos of the tool in use, as well as, in comparison to other tools. On average, the reviews have proven to be quite positive on Youtube.

Where is the best place to buy the FURminator DeShedding Tool For Dogs?

As mentioned before, the FURminator DeShedding Tool can found in various online and brick and mortar stores. Deciding the best place to purchase the tool comes down to convenience, cost, and product availability. Petco offers the tool starting in the 30-40 dollar range, the same can be said for the official FURminator site, as well as, PetsMart. The best deal can be found on in the Amazon Marketplace, where it is sold by the FURminator creators, but also starts at $24.99 USD.  The FURminator DeShedding Tool is also listed as Amazon’s Choice. Another bonus for buying from Amazon, is the ability to read the myriad of positive reviews for one’s self. It also gives you more information on the dimensions of the products, its ranking in its particular sub-category, and the freedom to read answers to questions from fellow pet owners. Even if you wanted to take the chance of buying from a 3rd party for a cheaper price, the opportunity is available, yet not recommended if you do not what to risk receiving a counterfeit product. Another positive aspect about purchasing from Amazon, is that you can sift through the products on one page. There is no need to leave the page if you want to change the length of the hair or the size of the handle and comb. Amazon is known for its timely delivery, even without the investment of Amazon Prime.

Perks of purchasing online is the ability to easily compare other products and reviews. FURminator DeShedding tool outshines its competitors in the Amazon comparison by star ranking in proportion to verified purchases and reviews. There are 513 answered questions on Amazon, as well as, customer submitted before and after pictures available for review prior to purchase. There is even a 4 step process available on the product page to ensure users yield the best results.
FURminator DeShedding

All in all, the FURminator DeShedding tool comes critically acclaimed and highly recommended by both professional groomers and pet lovers alike. It’s award winning thoughtful and original design solidified its place in the global market. Ease of use makes it difficult to even find a negative aspect in its design and its effectiveness in maintaining a healthy, shiny coat makes it almost impossible to find a reason not to give it a try. Especially with its affordable price on Amazon paired with Amazon’s convenient consumer interface. FURminator’s product site offers a money back guarantee if the product does not deliver on its promises. It’s important to not that the FURminator DeShedding tool sold through Amazon does not offer the same guarantee, only a customer service contact option.

The open availability makes it convenient for buyers to access the tool and other accessories. The FURminator site comes in multiple languages, so buyers can research the proper DeShedding tools for their pet from there with ease. Simply select your nation’s flag in the upper right hand corner to change it from EU. As FURminator continues to expand its product line and keeps negative reviews almost nil, it is most decidedly a brand to keep an eye on.

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