Top 5 Best Indoor Dog Houses

Does my dog really need an Indoor Dog House?

Everyone loves a cozy space that they can call their own- even dogs! And what better way to give your dog their very own personal space than with an indoor dog house.

You are probably aware of the importance of an outdoor dog house, but dogs require comfortable indoor protection just as much as humans do. So, it’s important to provide your dog with a safe, nontoxic dog house to provide them with that sense of comfortable protection.

But with hundreds of indoor dog houses on the market, how are you ever supposed to know what option is best for your dog and your living circumstances?

Continue reading below to learn about the top five dog houses that are on the market and what goes into choosing the perfect indoor dog house for your fur baby.

Best Indoor Dog House Reviews – Our top 5

1. Petmate Igloo Dog House with Microban Technology

This Igloo shaped dog house is unlike any dog house you’ve ever seen. Its adorable shape will make you and your dog think that they are sled dogs in the Arctic. The Microban technology that Petmate’s Igloo Dog House has implemented eliminates bacteria that cause odors, stains, mildew and even mold. Because this dog house comes in three sizes (medium, large and extra-large), dogs of all shapes and sizes ranging from 25 to 175 pounds can fit inside this igloo.

Another positive side to Petmate’s Igloo Dog House is that it doesn’t require any tools for assembly, so you can have it up and ready for your dog in no time. Plus, it’s long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or falling apart anytime soon.

Not only is this an indoor dog house, but it’s also constructed to work outside as well. The heavy-duty construction that the manufacturers implemented will protect your pet from even the harshest weather conditions. The raised floor, side moats and extended, offset doorway that the Igloo Dog House offers will keep your dog dry by preventing rain, wind and snow from entering. It also contains insulation to keep them cool during summer and warm during winter, and the roof ventilation ensures that there is a constant flow of fresh air for your pup.

Best Indoor Dog Houses

2. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

If you want to crate your dog when you leave the house but don’t want an ugly wire cage, the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is perfect for you. This dog house is more like a piece of furniture because it doubles as a gorgeous end table, which means that it essentially saves storage space as well. So, if you have a small apartment or townhome, this dog house would be a great option.

With a strong, lockable latch, this indoor dog house can also be used as a crate that can provide extra security and a peace of mind when you are away from home. The sustainable and solid wood that the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is made of promotes a private and relaxing space for your dog to relax and nap in. It also promotes durability and longevity, but the wood requires regular cleaning and upkeep. So, customers should only purchase this dog house if they know that they can make the time to take care of it properly.

This dog house is highly customizable as you can order it in rich colors including white, gray, black, espresso and taupe to ensure that it perfectly accentuates your living area. It’s also available in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large to provide a comfortable and spacious dog house for your fur baby.

If you aren’t very handy or simply don’t have a lot of time to allocate to a new project, then this dog house is for you. It’s rather simple to put together, and it comes with all the tools necessary for assembly.

3. Merry Products Wood Pet Home

Go ahead and spoil your fur baby with a dog house and a view. They probably deserve it! This dog house represents a two-story cabin condo made especially for a happy pup. The second-floor balcony features a ladder and a lattice fence that your dog can use to take a nap, relax, sunbathe, play or store their favorite toys in style. It’s important to note that while this dog house is meant for small and medium dogs, the Merry Products Wood Pet Home only comes in one size.

The naturally stained, brown cedar color of the Merry Products Wood Pet Home makes for an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful addition to your living space. But you can also restain this dog house to complement a specific color scheme.

One of the highlights of this indoor dog house is that it’s constructed from strong, kiln-dried cedar. This enhances durability and resilience, and it provides a natural and calming wood scent to complement your home. The stable, cellular structure of the wood this dog house is made of can withstand even the harshest temperatures and extreme humidity.  

All these features also mean that the Merry Products Wood Pet Home can be used outside as well. It’s lightweight enough to be transported inside and outside if your dog wishes for a change of scenery. And the lower lounge area contains raised panel floors to prevent rain from flooding the inside of the dog house.

4. Home Sweet Home Pet House

This is, hands down, the coziest indoor dog house on the list. It is crafted with two safe fillings to ensure that your dog is always comfy and ready for an afternoon nap. The first material it’s lined with is polyfoam, which molds to your pet’s favorite positions. The second material is polyfill, which adds extra cushion and comfort.

As for the outside material, the strong, coral fleece is extremely soft and comforting, and the nylon provides durable comfort that is water repellent. Plus, the extra cuddle inducing pillow is perfect for the dogs that love to make their bed or borrow in pillows. Say hello to your dog’s new favorite spot in the whole house.

Built to last a lifetime, the Home Sweet Home Pet House will be the last indoor dog house that you will ever buy. Not to mention that it is the cheapest dog house on this list. So, if you are on a tight budget, this is the dog house for you. This is also the easiest indoor dog house to clean on this list as all you must do is toss it right into your washer on the delicate cycle and let it air dry.

Our top choice

The built-in zipper is the only thing you need to set this indoor dog house up, making it the easiest setup on this list as well. And, it’s extremely lightweight and portable, so you can essentially travel anywhere with your pup while keeping their housing consistent.

However, this indoor dog house only comes in one size, which is 16x16x14. So, this only houses small dogs and cats. Also, while many of the dog houses on this list are both indoor and outdoor, the soft fabrics and materials of this dog house should be kept inside.

5. Advantek Pointe Elizabeth Garden Cottage Dog House

We saved the most expensive dog house on this list for last, but it’s definitely worth every penny. Not only is it nicer than most apartments on the market, but it’s also extremely efficient.

It includes an elevated feeding area that is included with steel bowls, so your pup can eat in style. It also includes a stylish, built-in dog food container to keep their food fresh and dry. But you can also use this storage unit for toys or cleaning supplies if you would like. The front porch allows your dog to enter their dog house in style, and the garden box is a great place to store their favorite fetching balls.

The Advantek Pointe Elizabeth Garden Cottage Dog House is also one of the eco-friendliest dog houses on the market because it’s made with lumber that is grown in sustainable forests that are also government controlled.

The blue wood panels of this dog house are made with fir, which is both durable and lightweight. To increase longevity, this dog house is finished with a wood preservative that is nontoxic. It’s also insect and weather resistant, making this another great outdoor dog house as well. The naturally insulated walls paired with the nontoxic, weather-resistant asphalt roof make the Advantek Pointe Elizabeth Garden Cottage Dog House perfect for any weather climate and can be used year-round.

Our top choice

A lot of factors were considered when choosing our favorite of these five dog houses. At the end of the day, our favorite and most recommended indoor dog house is the Petmate Igloo Dog House with Microban Technology.

Not only is this indoor dog house unique and adorable, but it’s highly effective as well. Dogs can live in this Igloo Dog House year-round due to the insulation and roof circulation. We also appreciate that it comes in a variety of sizes to fit every fur baby.

The features that this dog house provides combined with their reasonable pricing makes this dog house one for the books. Not to mention that the Microban technology greatly enhances the longevity and durability of this dog house by eliminating bacteria that causes odors, stains, mildew and mold. Because it’s both an indoor and an outdoor dog house, this product gives you the most bang for your buck since it can be used in a variety of settings.

Trust us, your dog deserves this indoor dog house.

Does my dog really need an Indoor Dog House?

Dog houses aren’t just for outside. In fact, they are very beneficial to have in your home as well. You’re probably wondering why your dog needs another house if they already live inside. To some, it may seem counterproductive. But there are many positives to providing your dog with their very own space that is special to them.

For starters, indoor dog houses can serve the same purpose as a wire crate but without the eyesore. Puppies are known for chewing shoes, baseboards, toilet paper, furniture and basically anything else they can get their teeth on. But an indoor dog house that has a latch can keep those puppies, safe, secure and cozy while you are about and about. And luckily, indoor dog houses come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors to complement your inner living area.

Indoor dog houses are also important because dogs have an inherent instinct to build a den when they get nervous or stressed. Have you ever noticed that your dog hangs out under your bed, under your table or in any other tight spaces? This is because dogs like to be in areas that are snug and secure. Indoor dog houses are important for dogs because dogs have a habitual instinct that causes them to build a den, and a crate provides them with that maternal area.  

What to look for when buying an Indoor Dog House?

When purchasing an indoor dog house for your pup, there are a few factors that you should pay attention to. For one, you want to make sure that your dog has enough space to where they are comfortable, but they shouldn’t have too much space. The goal here is to find a happy medium. Choose an indoor dog house that provides your dog with room to stand up, turn around and stretch. Any more space can be counterproductive to their habitual instinct to build a cozy den.

You also want to make sure that your dog’s indoor dog house is sturdy- especially if you have a large dog. A high-quality and sturdy dog house is important because you want it to stand up to the power and weight of your dog.

The last thing you want is to invest in a dog house, spend time setting it up just for it to collapse in seven days. A sturdy dog house not only protects your dog, but it also protects you from the frustration of wasting money on a cheaply made dog house.
Best Indoor Dog House Reviews - Our top 5

What is the best material?

Before you go out and purchase a dog house with your ideal price point, you should first investigate the material that the dog house is made of. This is important because the material plays a role in both the safety of your dog and the sturdiness of the dog house. And different materials yield different benefits when it comes to your dog’s home.

Wood dog houses are extremely popular because they are both sturdy and visually appealing. However, if there is even the slightest chance that you will move your dog house outside, make sure the wood is both weatherproof and insulated to keep your dog dry and protected. You also want to look for wood dog houses that are raised off the floor to prevent flooding and rotting.

Canvas dog houses are beneficial to those who travel frequently. These dog houses are often tent-like structures that provide little to no insulation but are a cozy alternative to its wood competitors. Canvas dog houses are both portable and lightweight, so you can bring them with you on trips or to your dog sitter’s house to provide your dog with a sense of normalcy.

Another great material for indoor dog houses is plastic. Plastic dog houses are waterproof, which makes them extremely easy to clean. They are also lightweight and can be easily moved if you ever decide to rearrange your furniture or move houses. Plastic dog houses are also much easier to assemble than wood dog houses because they often just snap together.   

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Dog Houses what are the differences?

A dog house is a dog house, right? Not exactly. Indoor dog houses and outdoor dog houses have quite a few differences. And while outdoor dog houses can often double as indoor dog houses, indoor dog houses do not always double as outdoor dog houses.

Outdoor dog houses must be extremely sturdy, weatherproof and have excellent insulation to keep your pup safe, dry and warm. They also need to be raised off the floor to prevent flooding and rotting.

These factors can often be ignored when looking for an indoor dog house because your home will protect your dog from harsh weather, temperatures and UV rays. By passing on those features, you can essentially save money when purchasing a home for your pup. But it’s important to never put an ill-equipped dog house outside as they will not last in those harsh conditions.

Dangers and risks of indoor houses

Indoor dog houses are often implemented to provide your dog with a safe and secure space for their innate instincts. But this can be counterproductive if you aren’t aware of the dangers and risks that some indoor dog houses can come with.

One of the biggest dangers that you should be aware of is the toxicity of a dog house. It’s important to find a dog house that is built with safe and nontoxic materials. The last thing you want to do is subject your dog to a home that can essentially harm them.

Another danger is using your indoor dog house to crate your dog more often than you should. Dogs aren’t meant to be locked in a crate for long periods of time. Many dog owners crate their dogs just while they are at work, but even that can be pushing the limit. If you can, come home during your lunch break to let your pup out of their indoor dog home so they can stretch their legs and go outside. Even small breaks like this can improve the danger of over crating your dog.


Indoor dog houses can be highly beneficial to your pup because they are not only great for afternoon naps, but they also provide your dog with a sense of protection. Choosing the perfect indoor dog house for your fur baby may seem daunting with the wide variety of options on the market. But with a little knowledge and a few recommendations, you are bound to pick the best option for your dog.